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Applications and effects of sucrose esters in food like eight-treasure porridge


* Eight-treasure porridge (longan, lotus seeds, chestnuts, almonds, sugar-free and other varieties), green bean porridge, purple rice porridge, instant porridge.



* For eight-treasure porridge, sucrose esters ensure that the various pieces (peanuts, lotus seeds, red beans, etc.) long-term stability in their natural colors, make the product taste smooth but not greasy and look bright without sediments, prevent starch retrogradation, maintain the taste over long-term storage, and extend shelf life.
* For green bean porridge, purple rice porridge and instant porridge, sucrose esters can reduce the thickness of the products, prevent retrogradation of starch, maintain the taste over long-term storage, and extend shelf life.
* Sucrose esters in eight-treasure porridge can also play the function of bactriostasis and therefore increase shelf life.


Recommended grade and dosage

* Use SE15, 0.1 ~ 0.3% (eight-treasure porridge), 0.1 ~ 0.2% (green bean porridge).


Application recommendations

* Sucrose esters are better to be used with thickening agent such as agar and xanthan gum.
* When using, add sucrose esters and thickener to 2 times of cold water, mix well, add more than 20 times of hot water (70 ℃) to make it completely dissolved, and let them go through a colloid mill before adding to the materials.

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