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Sucrose esters introduction

Sucrose fatty acid esters, also known as sucrose esters (SE), produced by esterification of sucrose and fatty acids, are mainly the mixture of monoester, diester and triester. It is a high-quality and efficient food emulsifier and surfactant, and has multiple functions including emulsification, dispersion, stabilization, defoaming, preventing retrogradation of starch, adjusting viscosity and controlling crystallization.
Sucrose ester products are mainly used in food, sugar, fruit and vegetable preservation, medicine, personal care, cosmetics, fine chemicals, plastics and other industries.


Structure and formula

Structure          Represented by sucrose monoester (n=1)

Note: 1) show the hydroxyl groups that can bind more fatty acids

Formula          (RCOO)nC12H12O3(OH)8-n

R——hydroxyl groups on fatty acids, n——The number of esterified hydroxyl groups on sucrose


Quality standards and main technical parameters


White to brown powder and lumps, or colorless to slightly yellow viscous resins; odorless or slight smell of fat

Physical and chemical parameters in line with national standards of food additives GB8272-2009



Acidity / (as of KOH mg/g)


Free sucrose / (%)


Loss on drying / (%)


Burning residue / (%)


As / (%)


Pb / (%)



About our products

* We offer sucrose ester products with hydrophilic-lipophilic balance (HLB) values from 1 to 15.
* Our sucrose ester products are named with SE followed by their HLB values, e.g., SE-1, SE-3, SE-5, SE-7, SE-9, SE-11, SE-13, and SE-15.
* We can produce derivative and functionalized sucrose ester products upon customer requests.
* Our packaging is 1 KG × 10 bags / box, 20 KG / bag or custom.



* For the water phase: put the product in container, add adequate warm water to fully wet it and make into a paste, dissolve and disperse it in hot water and then add to the raw food materials.

* For the oil or the sugar phase: heat the product with the oil or sugar to melt or mix and disperse them, and then add to the raw materials. Most sucrose ester products can be directly mixed to form blends.Normal sucrose esters are a heat-sensitive non-ionic surfactant, which begin to melt above 50 ℃. It has hydrophilic groups and is easy to absorb moisture and agglomerate exposed in the air. Keep in a cool dry place.

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