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Applications and effects of sucrose fatty acid esters in green and healthy food


* Low-fat sugar-free cakes, cookies and other baked goods, diet cookies.
* Skim milk, low fat sugar-free milk drinks.
* Fresh keeping of green vegetables, oranges, apples and other fruits.
* Low fat, low cholesterol health-care food.
* Instant walnut powder, instant peanut powder, instant sesame powder, solid drinks.



* Sucrose esters are green products from natural sources. They are non-toxic and harmless, and can be digested and absorbed by human body. 
* They can replace magnesium stearate, Tween and other traditional harmful additives in food processing. 
* They provide nice texture and delicate taste in low-fat, low cholesterol, sugar-free and other green food. 
* They can help digestion, improve appetite, and promote metabolism when used with micro dietary fibers. 
* They can replace paraffin in fresh-keeping of eggs, fruits and vegetables by forming a film on their surface to inhibit respiration. 
* Sucrose esters are the best emulsification cosolvent for processing of powder food that contains natural fats.


Application Recommendations

* Users can choose the appropriate product from SE1 ~ SE15 according to own processing needs.

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