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Applications and effects of sucrose esters in flour products


* Noodles, silk noodles, instant noodles, thin batter.
* Dumplings, wontons.



* Sucrose esters can prevent adhesion during processing or boiling and improve efficiency. 
* They can increase water content, reduce water loss during processing and increase production. 
* They can prevent starch loss during boiling. 
* They can prevent flour products from deteriorating during storage which will result in increased stickiness and bad flavor. 
* They can be used as antifreeze for frozen products to avoid starch and protein denaturation. 
* They can complex with starch to maintain the structure of flour products.


Recommended grades and dosage

* Use SE7 ~ 15 and dosage of 0.2 ~ 1.0% (of flour). Choose sucrose ester blends or compound emulsifier for the purpose of retrogradation prevention.


Application Recommendations

* Add sucrose ester solution when making the dough.

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