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Applications and effects of sucrose esters in meat products


* Heat treated meat products, processed meat products, such as sausage, ham, fish sausage, canned meat.
* Surimi. 
* Fresh meat.



* Sucrose esters can increase water retention capacity for fresh meat and keep it fresh.
* They can avoid dehydration shrinkage or oil loss for sausage, ham, fish sausage and canned meat, improve the product's tenderness and taste, reduce product costs, and make the casing easier to peel.
* They can increase water retention capacity and elasticity for surimi.


Recommended grades and dosage

* For high fat content sausage, use SE5 ~ 11 and dosage of 0.3 ~ 0.5%.
* For low fat content sausage, ham, meat products, fresh meat and surimi, use SE11 ~ 15 and dosage about 0.5%.


Application Recommendations

* For the sausage, it is recommended to blend sucrose esters with monoglycerides and lecithin to form compound emulsifier, and mix with minced meat and other ingredients to fill the sausage.
* For fresh meat, it is recommended to soak in sucrose ester solutions for 3 to 5 minutes before storage in order to keep fresh.
* For surimi, it is recommended to form compound emulsifier with sucrose esters and monoglyceride, and mix with minced meat and other ingredients for shaping.

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