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Angel afterglow
Angel afterglow
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Amanecer en verano

Amanecer en verano
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Amanecer en verano

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She says premier is " neighbour and friend " , she thinks this kind of relationship is completely proper. </p><p><b>Silent overcomes a dynasty to guard battle more</b></p><p>After the hearing that held high-ranking to 3 police officer 19 days afternoon, municipal committee publishs British commons 20 days report, offer sharp criticism to police, condemnation police fails to determination launchs investigation to news group at that time, the show of senior police officer of responsible investigation is not professional also; The report still criticises news group tries obstruct is in 2005-2006 year the first investigation to eavesdrop scandal. </p><p>Nevertheless, with day commons media committee is opposite afternoon on the hearing that silent overcomes father and son more, silent overcomes father and son to state they are right however more the truth of eavesdrop scandal till know the inside story of the ability after the closest exposure. Moduoke also rejects to assume the responsibility of eavesdrop scandal, weighing what should be in charge of is those disappoint the his accredit, person that violates company standard. </p><p>After deciding the 1 listen dispatch that lasted hour, actually 3 hours to end formerly, a lot of problems still do not have the answer, include after all who is suspected of inciting eavesdrop and bribery, administrator of which high level is in when be informed the truth. </p><p>Watson asks assemblyman whether Moduoke knows to issued media to still use hacker of priviate dective, computer in news international banner, get on a car to dog when the illegal surveillance trick that waits for other form, moduoke replies: "I feel all to news orgnaization is using a priviate dective, do not break the law. Do not break the law.. </p><p>When assemblyman Xielideng asks Moduoke, who should find out to bring about world news bulletin to close down to scandal, the responsibility that celestial TV station buys bubble boiling water? Moduoke not openly response, censure however say, "We announced alliance formally already in all competitors of this country, try to prevent us. They capture us with dirty hand, around this matter hysterical. Around this matter hysterical.. </p><p>Brooks also is on subsequently hearing, say she knows world news signs up for employ private detective, but she emphasizes each media in fleet street so do. The dimensions that she also continues to call her pair of eavesdrop and bribery police none know the inside story. </p><p>In an email that gives news international employee after the hearing, moduoke ever expressed, this organization adopted an emergency measures, make sure this kind of serious problem won't be recurrent in order to solve the problem in the past. He writes in the letter: "Those betrayed the person that we trust, must investigate its law duty. Must investigate its law duty.. </p><p>Grow in intensity as eavesdrop scandal incident, the American partner of more news group begins to oppugn a company. Newest joining those who convey malcontent list is fund of California communal provide for the aged, its are had hold total of news group share the 6.4 million share of 12 % , this fund complains structure of equity of news group A, B is inequitable, much gram is controlling silent to have right to vote of year shareholder plenary meeting the B of 40% . Christian brother investment serves global fund to also criticise the scandal of news group eroded the confidence of investor, requirement company appoints an independent chairman. </p><p><p>Er of general of grade orgnaization standard already moved the credit grade observation of news group to negative. 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