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Winnie de Poo and Tiger

Winnie de Poo and Tiger
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Winnie de Poo and Tiger

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Winnie the pooh

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More than hereat, on August 22, "J.Wong " in reply netizen about evil spirit a group of things with common features M9 is newest upgrade firmware whether when outfit rice chats, more call millet company " this is a company that does not have a bottom line " , "The address book that should install a mobile phone only arrives entirely on their server. To prevent divulge a secret of company address book, so new firmware rejects to install this software " . </p><p>Above speech travels quickly via the new media tool such as small gain transmission, the person that add superior job breaks up ceaselessly fry an old job of yellow, thunder, interrogation knocks at Xiang Leijun ceaselessly, and up to now, lei Jun still does not make the front respond to. The netizen returns discovery, in thunder army small gain, a year before highly praise evil spirit a group of things with common features two of the mobile phone small gain, already made a person incomprehensible sadly cancel. 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Before this 2007 end, lei Jun leaves off his post from golden hill, also debus the burden that is pressed on the shoulder 16 years. This without concealing anything character envisages Qiaobusi to run one extraction group euqally with respect to the dream since 18 years old the middleaged person of top-ranking enterprise, pick up a dream afresh, put eye to the mobile phone to make. The evil spirit that the Huang Zhang of meantime establishs a group of things with common features company, although had not broken away from mountain fastness figure, but had begun to appear give kind of apple company like extremely polite qualitative, enough the attention that causes Lei Jun. After meeting, lei Jun is right company of evil spirit a group of things with common features admires greatly, emphasizing evil spirit a group of things with common features in a lot of circumstances is a good company. 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But this does not hamper the relation of yellow, thunder is achieved all-time friendly. </p><p>Expunge mysteriously in Lei Jun relevant before small gain, the netizen saves the scheme of small gain check that come down to show, lei Jun released small gain on July 21, 2010: "[why to love evil spirit a group of things with common features] I feel kerosene is very powerful all the time, how is the person that how employs small gain little? I this small gain, have 200 only many kerosene transmit? Why to love evil spirit a group of things with common features, because evil spirit a group of things with common features is home,rare intention becomes its company. Ask all kerosene transmit again: Expect M9, JW is cheered! JW is cheered!! </p><p>Yellow regulations is in netizen of interactive community response weighs evil spirit a group of things with common features: "I and Lei Jun are a good friend, what and if he invests,I also think give evil spirit a group of things with common features to bring is capital not just, but the money that any investment are accepted before I still cannot see farther future or appearing on the market is wasteful investor... "</p><p>The thing lies between two weeks, on August 4, lei Jun releases small gain again: "[evil spirit a group of things with common features] M9 is awaiting like I and evil spirit friend, because evil spirit a group of things with common features is the company that heart of one family expenses makes a product, I like very much, hope M9 quickly, hope JW is cheered! Additional, competition of Andriod mobile phone is real too intense, this is the whole world is compared greatly go all out. If M9 comes out too late, pressure or pretty are big. Attached drawing is my what my colleague pats photograph with M8. Attached drawing is my what my colleague pats photograph with M8.. </p><p>And interactive community has evil spirit a group of things with common features the netizen raises give a warning to Huang Zhang: "What to say you and L are a friend, actually you are not one passerby completely! L plays is naked monetary snowball game, what you go is to face abroad however brand of powerful mobile phone or bright or dark violent besiege, cannot see 10 years prospective profit does not know the mobile phone manufacturing industry of how much, extend that to you when L so seemingly " olive... "</p><p>Right now Huang Zhang still believes thoroughly to Lei Jun: "The friend is not a comrade, need not same ambition and viewpoint of value. Say the friend puts in friend trade 's charge to put in commercial may not 's charge to want to be contacted together again. Accepting investment up to now is the expectation that fears he cannot assume an investor " , and complement " thunder always has had money very much, what knowing to make money according to me is not his only purposes, invest also be wisdom of a kind of his commerce and self-worth to reflect. Invest also be wisdom of a kind of his commerce and self-worth to reflect.. </p><p>Of after this 2010 second half of the year, do not know specific when, yellow, thunder begins become enemies. The personage inside course of study is analysed, the operating system of MIUI mobile phone that likelihood and millet company release is concerned. </p><p>Have occupying what can check was on December 14, 2010, huang Zhang is in interactive community speech weighs evil spirit a group of things with common features: "MIUI is the company that Lei Jun invests, include that attractive browser, drew the essence of a lot of UC seemingly. What Lei Jun communicates our company reservation and everything is without before after I am informed these, some regret, have even M9UI alternant documentation send him to ask him to be discussed together. It is very beyond the mark that I feel MIUI pretends civilian group, do not send the topic of MIUI in forum please. Do not send the topic of MIUI in forum please.. </p><p>To this, lei Jun does not have a response. In its be opposite in small gain evil spirit a group of things with common features also did not allude again. </p><p><strong>Yellow Zhang Jiren</strong></p><p>Introduce Lei Jun, need not expend too much writing, this constant and active at public eyeshot bright entrepreneur, already humanness place is hep. And the Huang Zhang Louis Vitton Black Check Pattern since the introduction comes, appear should expend kongfu one time. 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The achievement of dedicated generation had the technology oneself embrace wholesale, the market does bigger more. </p><p>June 2003, the first MP3 of evil spirit a group of things with common features listens the product appears on the market. Meanwhile, the website of evil spirit a Louis Vitton Wallets group of things with common features and forum are enlightened. This once rustic boy had been stridden about and stand year, he registered an English name in forum, from now on suddenly change one's identity, with " J.Wong " English Louis Vitton White Check Pattern name more well known. </p><p>Ground of J.Wong diligent and conscientious interacts through forum and user, and from this establish the after service style of evil spirit a group of things with common features -- even if product already stop production, huang Zhang or meeting answer the question that concern on forum, ministry of research and development still also can roll out the new software version of stop production type. such, do not rely on advertisement, the public praise of evil spirit a group of things with common features, however louis vuitton outlet accumulate over a long period, an user ground accumulates an user gradually rise. </p><p><p>Look from another kind of angle, j.Wong is not actually mysterious, he is accepted on forum everyday almost " interview " , only right user, incorrect media. 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